Cleaning Plan

Keeping a clean house with a small baby can be a big task – if you ask me, even with no baby it’s not something that comes natural to me. I am lucky that I have a Grailie (my maid) that comes and helps me once a week. Specially if you don’t have an extra pair of hands it is better to have a plan to follow. It makes it easier not to forget anything and to manage your time. So I made this Cleaning Plan a few years back and I have been using and upgrading it since. 
The plan I am about to show you made a huge diference in how i manage my time. I always know what I have to do that day (and it is not much, I guarantee) to keep the house spotless (as I like it). Even if i am away for a couple of days, my Hubby doesn’t have any excuses not to do what has to be done. He just needs to follow the plan – which is always at plain sight in the fridge.
So, the plan is divided in Daily, Weekly, Every 2 weeks (E2W) and Monthly chores. Surprisingly there are only 4 daily chores (one of which – the dishes – is done by my husband everyday and the rest done by me unless i am flying), add 2 or 3 chores from the other 3 categories and you have a cleaning routine of only an average of 6 daily chores. It is very easy to follow: The chart is divides in 4 weeks and the chores are allocated accordingly.

If you would like to download my version of the cleaning plan press here

If you would like a clear sample for you to fill with your chores press here
Please let me know what you think and how you like it in the comments section. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


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